Waterproofing Services

Waterproofing Services

Water leakages usually occur from the roof, whether it is made of concrete or metallic materials. Leakages are one of the most common problems facing the housing & Industrial sector. This is because, during hot weather, the daytime temperature can rise as high as 45C to 50C, and the temperature of the roof shoots up between 70-80C. But at night, when the weather becomes cold, the temperature of the roof comes down to between 20-250C. The sudden drop in temperature makes screws, joints, roofing sheets and other areas to be affected by shifting them out of joint, thus leading to leakages. As one of the best waterproofing companies in Qatar, our expertise will be brought to bear on your leaking roof, fixing all the joints and screws and other areas

We specialize in Basement Waterproofing, elevator shafts, concrete tanks, and swimming pools as well as other areas that prove difficult when the application of concrete waterproofing coating is desired. Our experts will handle your injection problems and see to it that when the injection is done, the waterproofing chemical will be spread evenly over concrete, thereby putting a stop to leakages and moisture on the walls.

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